The Reader’s Corner will provide a safe and accessible forum for students in Mrs. Huss’s class to share thoughts about books they are reading.


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  1. Lena Wehn

    Animal Farm, by George Orwell is a classic, highly regarded among most. Luckily I made the choice to read it. Animal Farm is eye-opening and riveting. I began reading the book expecting certain things to happen, understanding the idea of the book, and feeling it was going to be on par with my expectations, that however was not the case. It was shocking, fascinating and written in such a way that draws the reader into the twisted minds of the animals. As the novel progressed, I felt certain bonds begin to form between myself some of the characters I liked best. They were strong and loyal, and kindly. I truly felt for the animals of the farm and their situation. Proof of their loyalty lied in the heart of Boxer, the strong willed, humongous horse. He would chant, “I will work harder” over and over again to please the Pigs. Tirelessly he would fight the hard land and struggle with stubborn, massive rocks, of little to no benefit benefit of his own, mainly, only the pigs were helped by all of the animal’s hard work. Overall I would solidly give this book a 10.1/10. It exceeded standards and opened me up to new points of view and ways to understand humanity and their blindness to situations. I recommend Animal Farm to everyone and anyone, preferably however, over the age of 10. Some of the deeper concepts are harder to understand for younger minds. At the heart of the novel was the idea that, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” That particular concept resonated with me above all the rest. It’s statements like those that made the book so profound. As a last comment I would like to say, that rarely do I love the way a book ends, but Animal farm was wrapped up so wonderfully it left me speechless.

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