A History Of Israel Volume II by Howard M. Sachar

This book is not what I would necessarily call a “page turner”. It is in fact quite difficult to interpret and track, as dozens of characters are flashed in and out, some only appearing for a sentence or two. I was expecting it be like this, but it was even more dense than I could have imagined. I didn’t choose this as a fun book I could pick up and read without care. I picked this novel off it’s dusty shelf because I was interested in the topic and figured a bit of history and reality could help inspire some greater thinking on current political issues. Many Israeli terms are explained thoroughly but others are left in the dark, prompting me to research further on the internet. For every few pages I read, I would have to look up or define at least two or three subjects. It was a slow process to keep track of the plot but with the help of the internet and my natural intuition I have managed.

Sachar collected and researched pages upon pages of historical data, documents on foreign policy, and war strategy to create this masterpiece of a book. He manages to distinguish each event and political figure as their own, displaying certain time periods in a new tone. It’s easy to get lost in Sachar’s writing when he starts energizing a new story or plot twist. As boring as this book may sound, it is actually very well done so far. No details are spared and all characters are memorable.

I would not recommend this to anyone who wants a light easy read, because this is compressed with lines and lines of pure historical data and description. However I do recommend that everyone read a non-fiction book. You may just find that all the crazy things that authors write about in their fiction books are actually based off real events. Sometimes the best stories are the ones that actually happened. Many of the scenes from new action films now seem very similar to scenes from the book. It’s easy to find comparisons to modern day life which is one reason why I found it so invigorating.


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