Paper Towns–John Green

In the recent years, John Green has made quite a reputation, and it’s well deserved. After all, the guy can write a good romance novel and he’s great at making the reader cry. Romance isn’t really up my alley, but after reading the Fault In Our Stars and crying to sleep–WHY DID YOU KILL AUGUSTUS?!?! WHYYYY– I decided to pick up one of his other books. After reading Looking For Alaska earlier in the year, I decided John Green was still a cool guy. Between An Abundance Of Katherine’s and Paper Towns, I chose Paper Towns, seemingly a little less of the sappy romance stuff.

It’s great. If anything, I’d actually say so far this book is better than The Fault In Our Stars. John Green brings out his humorous writing again and juxtaposes serious matters with funny events (I mean come on, a missing girl and saran wrapping cars? Hilarious). John Green’s way of writing and the almost lighthearted feeling his books convey are one huge reason why I decided to read this book. As an author, Green does a good job of bringing out warmness in his writing, almost a feeling that not everything in life is dark even if dark things happen. However, I would love to talk about the title of the book along with arguable the most important quote in the book. “It’s a paper town, paper houses and paper people. Everything is uglier up close.” Margo, the girl that Quentin (main character) has a crush on has disappeared, and he is trying to find her and bring her home (I know, sappy romance… yuck). The stress on paper as almost a perfect physical ideal is very interesting to me, as I thought when I first picked up the book that Paper Towns referred to fragility. Margo sees the world further than it’s surface level and can be really deep. Some of the things she says really gets a reader thinking about their own personal life. Green also does a great job of giving the characters individual personalities. I know for a fact I learned a lot about Margo from when she talked about how capitalization was unfair to the letters in the middle (sHe wROte LiKE thIS). All of Green’s characters are super unique, just like the stories he brings to the table.

Currently reading the rest of the book, and I am loving it. It’s absolutely a book that I don’t want to put down and I look forward to finishing it. Hopefully, John Green does not disappoint in these last few chapters, because this book is amazing so far!

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  1. bartonzhuang

    After reading the second half of Paper Towns, I have a few spots of criticism. Firstly, the second part was a lot less interesting than the first, in that while in the first part there was exploration and revenge, the second part was lacking. In fact, most of the second half was nothing more than a road trip. Secondly, the drive to find Margo kind of goes away. At the first half, Quentin seemed almost desperate to get Margo back, but here, he is singing with his other friends and it just doesn’t seem as urgent or important to him anymore that he finds the “love of his life.”

    It also feels like Green didn’t really know what to do for a good part of the road trip. I mean, one of the conflicts they faced was almost hitting a cow on the highway. I don’t think that seems super plausible and I just honestly didn’t know how to react to that. Like maybe if it was a huge bump or ditch they didn’t see, but a cow??

    Margo being a sort of “living mystery” is why Quentin loves her so much, but I don’t see many other reasons for Quentin to be SOO attached to her. It has been stressed that she is super attractive, and that she has a very unique personality (which I love), but she’s not the most stable person. After all, she did run away. She seems to be sort of leading on Quentin as it seems like she doesn’t really have many feelings towards him at all. Like sure, they kissed, but after that they kinda just went their separate ways. I feel as if John Green did not live up to the excellence of the first half of the book. It wasn’t too bad, but it just didn’t measure up in my opinion. It almost seemed as if he wrote the first half and then half-heartedly finished it just to get it over with. Sorry, John Green.

    Overall, I’d still give the novel a 7/10. What it lacked at the ending, it sure made up for in the beginning, and was very unique in it’s characters and plot. I look forward to finishing the rest of John Green’s novels in the future!

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