Boy 30529 By Felix Weinberg-First Half

First Half

Boy 30529. Despite the vague, unassuming title this book is a narrative from the point of view of a Holocaust survivor, Felix Weinberg. So far in the first half of the book he has been able to capture his childhood and the events leading up to the concentration camps as times of both love and excitement which then transitions to sadness and despair. But in his childhood, Felix was able to capture the setting, his hometown located in Czechoslovakia and describe his many experiences from Saturday markets to his school days. The author was able to capture this in a happy yet, nondescript way. Also the fact that he referenced many cultural aspects of his former childhood home established thoughts of uniqueness. This is the reason why Nazi Germany goes to war with Czechoslovakia and many other countries due to their differences which is what Felix Weinberg describes intently.

Along with building up the setting of his memoir, Felix Weinberg used different characters to establish his tone within the story. He introduced his brother who was very essential to his short childhood and also his parents who treated him with love and care. They were very wealthy at this time so Felix along with his brother were given the opportunity to travel to various locations across Europe. This introduced unity within Felix’s family, one distinct aspect that became very important to him in the future. But at times throughout his childhood he proved to be very independent which is not at all surprising in my opinion. Mr Weinberg was able to contrast both his independence and family experiences as a way to show his varied personality. This proved to be very important in the future when he had to fully rely on his independence to survive in Nazi concentration camps.


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