Boy 30529 by Felix Weinberg-Part 2

The second part of this memoir directly contrasts with the first part due to their differing tones and settings which cast a dark shadow over the entirety of the novel. This is sadly what Felix had to go through when experiencing these dark times in the concentration camps. I thought he was able to communicate this sudden transition from happy childhood days to the war in a shaky way, adding to the horrific, mysteriousness of his war-time experiences. He was able to show this through the changes in setting and tone. An example of this drastic refinement involved him, his brother, and mother being taken from their home and sent to a ghetto. This was the start of a many year journey where Felix was constantly at death’s door, as he jumped from camp to camp.

Due to his continuous fight for survival, Felix Weinberg taught me and most likely himself that you must not give up in times of adversity. This theme is present throughout many World War 2 movies and novels including my favorite, Saving Private Ryan. These two works involve characters going through hardships in order for a common goal which is ultimately to survive. This tests both the physical and mental sides of human beings.

This message is engraved throughout the entirety of Felix Weinberg’s memoir in his message to raise awareness for the obscenities of war. Not only were the treatment of citizens and prisoners-of-war awful (as stated by Felix) but also the setting of their imprisonment. Many of the camps where Felix was forced to stay such as Terezin, Auschwitz, and Birkenau were some of the worst places imaginable. Little food, disease, and groundbreaking labor were only a couple out of the many indecency’s present at these places of perdition. This is where the true amazement of Felix Weinberg’s experiences take place. Through his vivid imagery and word choice he was able to pinpoint the struggles of his period at these camps and show what constant torture and pain he had to undergo.

After his time at the camps (as you can see he managed to survive) he was able to reunite with his father who was living in England. This was a big surprise to me since after watching and reading many stories about World War 2 I expected for their to be a sad ending (in death). But ironically it was somewhat of a happy one. I guess this does come with a setback though due to the large amounts of deaths Felix had to experience throughout this ghastly war. Throughout Felix Weinberg’s memoir, he was able to use imagery, figurative language, and suspense to describe the horrors of the war. This is why I would rate it a 9/10.









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