The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho Post 2

So I have just recently finished this wonderful book that is called The Alchemist. This book has truly been amazing and I have enjoyed it every single step of the way. This simple 190 page book has taught me more about striving for the goals in life than anything my parents or teachers have said during my entire 14 years of existence. I understand that saying something like that is extremely bold but I actually believe that this book has taught me plenty. The plot was amazing and the messages were powerful, what else could somebody want from a story. In this blog entry I’m going to be going way deeper in depth on these certain aspects that I saw made this book speculator.


Starting with the plot, this book was extremely well sculptured. The plot begins to speed up during the second half of the book but Coelho still writes with the same beautiful manipulation of words. Coelho also starts to introduce much more conflicts along the narrators quest for his personal legend showing true stories of perseverance. During this half of the book we are introduced to yet another character that is “extremely wise.” The abundance of these sorts of characters does make the story kind of dull at some times but allows the reader and the narrator to learn much more things about personal legends through quotes from these wise men. One such quote that really makes the brain think is this one by the Alchemist and he states, “‘You don’t have to understand the desert: all you have to do is contemplate a simple grain of sand, and you will see in it all the marvels of creation'”(Coelho 131). Quotes like these are fluid throughout the book which make the book on a whole new level. All these intellectually sound quotes allow for deeper thoughts into the book. These quote and the amazing plot line throughout the book is enough to give my bid for 10/10 stars

I would also like to discuss the messages that the book is conveying to the reader and how amazing those messages are. The message is very clear in this book about following one’s dreams because that is the only way a person can be happy. This messages of perseverance along the way of trying to find a person’s personal legend also occurs throughout the story. The great thing about this book is that it does not focus around one single message to convey to the readers. Throughout the book the author sprinkles in other small but important lessons through experiences, fables and many others. One such small lesson occurs after the narrator and the alchemist are caught by a tribe and the Alchemist states, “‘When you possess great treasures within you, and try to tell others of them, seldom are you believed'”(Coelho 137). This small lesson has pretty much contains no influence to the plot, character development or the main message of the story. Then why did the author incorporate this? I believe that the author’s main goal in using a variety of small stories is to inform the reader to pay attention to the little things and remember everything that anybody says. The narrator may not have been affected at that point in time with the lesson the Alchemist gave, but in the future quotes like this can have a lasting affect.

I cannot stress enough how good of a book this is. There are so many different reasons to read it. For starters it is a fairly short read so it does not waste to much time. But, just because it is short does not mean it can contain powerful messages. The messages inside of this book will stick with you for the rest of your life, I guarantee it. From the main central message of following your dream to the small little messages scattered throughout these lessons will allow for a much more successful life in any person. Last, but not least, the plot is good with amazing characters. The plot has just enough flavor to make it really interesting with the various different obstacles the author throws at the main character of the story. The language of Paulo Coelho is fluent and his way with words is truly phenomenal. There is something inside this small 189 page book for everybody and I bet my life anybody will enjoy this book.


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