Power Lines By Jason Carter 10/10

Black and white. That’s what life is like in post apartheid South Africa, and Jason, an American working in the Peace Corps, is determined to bring some color to the racially separated country. Going to South Africa is important to Jason and wants to make a difference on a global scale. He is first put through months of language training so he can communicate with the local South Africans. After, he is assigned a host family that he will be living with for the next few years. At first, he is intimidated by his host family’s way of life. But soon he begins to adapt to their native ways. Jason encounters numerous new faces and befriends many people living in community. He navigates and challenges social boundaries as well as immersing himself in the local culture. As Jason travels from Cape Town to Johannesburg and across South Africa, he begins to adapt to the local culture. He also begins to learn of the still racially charged environment South Africans face. While blacks struggle to provide for their families, whites live on top of the social pyramid in their own wealthy class. Jason works throughout the novel to help educate children in poverty and assist black communities. Through struggles and stereotypes, Jason perseveres to help a nation recover from years of racism. In this autobiography, Carter uses strong imagery and exceptional characterization, adding depth and style to a glorifying plot. Using beautiful sentence flow, strong character descriptions, and emotional personal stories, Power Lines is easily a top choice for any type of reader. Lovers of travel and history will especially enjoy this novel. With a combination of comedy and adventure, Power Lines will truly peak your interest.

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