Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck 10/10

In the controversial novella Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie are on the run. Lennie is a large, gentle man who has a mental disability. He also loves to pet soft things, which can sometimes get him into some trouble. George on the other hand, is a small man with a sharp wit and quick mind. Together they make a somewhat balanced pair. They arrive at a ranch and get jobs working in the field. They plan on saving up their money so that one day they can buy their own farm. Lennie often dreams about the farm, and how they are going to have all sorts of animals, especially rabbits. On the farm they befriend most of their co workers, however they make enemies with the boss’ son, Curley. Curley is particularly protective of his new, attractive wife and spends a lot of time looking for her. In return, Curley’s wife always says she’s “looking for Curley”. George tells Lennie to stay away from Curley’s wife, but after Curley’s wife starts talking to Lennie things take a turn for the worst.

An interesting attribute was how Lennie always loved soft things. He loved to pet mice to the point where he accidentally killed them and even then he kept on petting them. Whenever he found something soft he immediately started to pet it. I found this unique, peculiar trait to be interesting because not many characters have such odd quirks.

In the book, John Steinbeck uses very concise words. I find that this style of writing allows the story to flow very smoothly. Any dialogue is only used to provide information about the characters or to help move the story along. Also John Steinbeck writes as if the reader was in the Great Depression era through the use of accents and slang words. This allows the reader to deeply connect with the characters. I found that this book is suited for teenagers and adults. The reader should be aware that profane colloquial language in the form of cursing and racist comments are found throughout the book. I find the novella is book that everyone should read. It teaches a very valuable lesson about the lengths people go to and the sacrifices they make for the people they love.

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