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Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

So far, this book has proved to be engaging and fascinating. I am already reminded of Man’s Search for Meaning because it is non-fiction. In both books, I have found it much easier to connect to reality. However, I did think it was ironic that the whole book was about how we should trust our instincts and first impressions to make decisions…meanwhile the entire book consists of evidence and studies that contribute to that very idea. Still, there were several arguments the author made that were convincing to me.

One thing in the first part of this book that I thought was the intro. In the intro, the author mentions how everyone is taught that it is best to use as much information as possible, especially when making decisions. That was something that made me think because it is true. That was effective because it helps the reader to be aware of their current perspective. I know that this book is definitely promoting an idea that most people are basically conditioned against since birth. So the detailed introduction was helpful.

The other thing that stood out to me in this section was the analysis of the couples. It was amazing of how accurate the “thin-slicing” turned out to be in those situations. The author used that section to make connections with people in general as well. He stated how people generally are not good at talking about themselves, and do not have an accurate perception of what they are like. I think that’s a universal thing, I know I could certainly relate to it. Furthermore, I think it would be very interesting to participate in one of the “thin-slicing” experiments!

Overall, this book is interesting and I have enjoyed reading it. I hope it continues to be interesting and offer up more points and evidence for the unique ideas it contains.



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