Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom 7/10

Smiling through life is easy, but finding true happiness requires heart.  This is one of the many lessons Morrie demonstrates in Tuesdays with Morrie.  In this heartwarming story, Mitch Albom displays the close bond he had with his old college professor Morrie.  Years after Mitch’s graduation, Morrie was diagnosed with ALS, a devastating disease that slowly overtakes one’s voluntary muscle movement.  After hearing the news, Mitch visited Morrie every Tuesday, where he learned the keys to life from the wisdom of a dying man.

In many passages, I could sense and relate to the love Mitch expressed for Morrie.  Being a man who distributed unlimited care to friends even during medical struggles, Morrie became an inspiration in my life.  Not only was his story captivating, but his lectures as well.   Morrie’s numerous quotes sprinkled into the chapters were truly inspiring and relatable, covering various universal topics.

Along with quotes, every paragraph in the book was drenched with meaning.  Morrie’s messages taught me to appreciate the simplicities in life and to love endlessly.  Although the content of the book was extremely powerful, the author’s writing style was often bland, therefore I rated Tuesdays with Morrie as a 7/10.  This novel is perfect for someone looking for an inspiring story or someone trying to find their place in life.

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