We Were Liars by E. Lockhart 6.5/10

It’s difficult to give details on this book without giving out the secret. Every summer a rich, white, elitist family goes to a fictional island near cape cod. The  summer Cadence Sinclair Easton turns fifteen, she has an accident. Unable to visit her family in Cape Cod, she finally returns. Cadence cannot recall her accident. Her whole family has completely changed and she has no idea. Cadence determined to figure out what happened that summer two years ago.

There is little to no character development throughout the entire book. This is quite disappointing and extremely boring, hence the 6.5/10.  When describing characters, E. Lockhart often uses nouns instead of typical adjectives. This is strange and unique. Confusing at first, you have to really process what Lockhart means through the noun selection. The book is written as if it is the saddest, most depressing book anyone will read. Lockhart’s writing style makes everything dramatic and reminiscent. We Were Liars has the same mood as the movie “Titanic”. You know something bad is awaiting, but you cannot believe it because the moment is so beautiful.

To be honest, this book is screaming to teenage girls everywhere. The main character is a teenager, the supporting characters are teenagers, which makes it somewhat relatable. I may have gave it away by telling you that there is a surprise, but don’t get hooked on surprises because there is only one. If you want to feel nostalgic about being a teenager, even if you are one right now, this is a great book for you.

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