1984 by George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell is recognized internationally as one of the most famous dystopian novels ever written. It has had a significant impact on today’s modern culture, inspiring literature and media of all sorts. This influential novel follows the life of a man named Winston Smith, and his distrust in the dictatorial government. After a powerful revolution that claimed to be born from the conflict between social classes, a new governmental system arose from the ashes to set people in order. The leader, Big Brother, stripped his citizens of all privacy and individuality, believing that this will put all strife to an end. Not only did Big Brother limit people’s independence, he also toyed with literature and media so that all history pertaining to life before the revolution was eradicated. Also, he interfered with language as to restrict the amount of emotion and thought that could be expressed through words. People slowly became ignorant to how invasive the government was becoming because they could not express it through language and they had no history to compare the present to. Winston held on to fleeting memories of his childhood that were glorified by the innocence of youth. This kept him from falling under Big Brothers influence and striving for a better world. When an unlikely ally bands with him in an effort to rebel against the government, his world will never be the same.

 The ambiguity of the novel creates an almost sinister atmosphere to the language. Orwell choses precise words to create a beautiful range of speech that can depict the most horrifying and lovely of moments. Not only its the story truly captivating, but the sound of the sentences is astonishing. 

I would recommend this novel to readers who would love to explore the origins of dystopian literature. This book is dark, intriguing and very thought provoking. The characters are well written, making them deep and dynamic as the story progresses. As you read you’ll discover the secrets of Big Brother and what happens to those who disobey his leadership. 

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