Under a War Torn Sky by L. M. Eliot, 8/10 Stars

The book Under a War-Torn Sky, by L.M. Elliot, was a book that hooked me with all its plot twists and great characters. I would give the book an 8/10 star rating. Set during 1945, near the end of World War II, the book features Henry Forester, an American flying bombing missions in Germany. When his plane is shot down, he is forced to parachute into Occupied Europe. Henry’s existence is turned into a fight for survival as he battles his own past while fighting the Nazis. This book is an interesting look into daily life, politics, and resistance in Occupied France.

This author likes to use a lot of plot twists and uses an interesting choice of flashbacks to explain Henry’s backstory. This technique is good, as it makes that information seem relevant to the story. If Henry is remembering something, circumstances have reminded him of it.  Unfortunately, some of the information shared in the story seems to be tangentially related to the plot. This is even noticed by Henry, when a character goes into a rant about French-Swiss politics. However, the author did so much research, I learned a lot simply by reading the whole novel, not just the info dumps. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a fast paced, well written adventure story.

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