Unbroken, By Lauren Hillenbrand, 9/10

Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand is a story of survival, human will, and forgiveness. This novel is a true story set during World War II. Louie Zamperini is a olympic runner turned air pilot. Zamperini is known for his cunning and his ability to be able to get out of any situation. His talents will be very useful to his survival later in the book. Louie and his crew crash into the desolate pacific ocean. Three of the twelve survive the terrible crash. Now, these three deal with impending doom, either eaten by sharks, or captured by the Japanese. Both of these outcomes prove almost likely death. Despite these deathly paths, Louie and his copilot survive the ocean, whilst the other crew member dies. Louie and his friend now must survive the deathly Japanese POW camps.  Now, the story gets interesting! To find out how Louie beats the odds, you will have to read Unbroken. 

I recommend this book to anyone who likes history and a hero. There is violence and graphic images mentioned, but nothing too bad. I am very happy with myself for reading this book, and I hope everyone eventually can. This is a true story of the human resilience. Not only was I amazed that Louie survived these brutal beatings and circumstances, but that he forgave the Japanese. The forgiveness that came from Louie amazed me, for how could one forgive someone else for torturing them? Laura Hillenbrand weaves a terrific story, and this book was for sure a 9/10.

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