The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini 9/10

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a powerful book about a boy learning to stand up for himself.  The main character, Amir, deals with guilt from his childhood.  Amir desperately tries to bury his past, but he soon discovers that the past always finds its way back.  After living with guilt for twenty years, Amir decides it is time to take action.  By the time Amir has mustered up all his courage to take the responsibility for what he has done, most of his family has passed away.  Amir begins to feel like there is no hope left.  He takes a risk by going on a journey back to Kabul to save his nephew, whose parents have also died.  At the time, the Afghanistan government was unstable, and Kabul was ruled by the Taliban.  Amir fights the corrupt leaders of Kabul, which begins a major turning point in his life.  Through this journey, Amir finally learns the meaning of forgiveness, and he learns to face the truth. 

The author’s tone in The Kite Runner is serious, and though The Kite Runner is a dark book, it has uplifting and encouraging themes.  Khaled Hosseini’s use of imagery and personification was marvelous.  The setting of The Kite Runner is in the middle east, and the war in Afghanistan made The Kite Runner an exciting book full of action.  I would recommend The Kite Runner to anyone who wants to read a good book about friendship or anyone who loves history and warfare.  The Kite Runner has lessons to be learned that should be shared with everyone.  It is the kind of book one would never forget.


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