Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens 8/10

I can’t say I regret reading this book. I can say it was hard, and I can say that there were times when I simply wanted to stop reading and switch books, but I never regretted ignoring that impulse.
In a nutshell, this book is about a fortune up for grabs when a wealthy businessman dies and soon after his only heir. The fortune then lands on their loyal servant whom in his innocence of such wealth was uncannily generous. Being such a generous man, the servant hired a stranger new to town which whom no one knew anything about. This man, who became the secretary to the elevated servant, got a hand hold on everything there was to know and have in their town. The secretary became everyone’s ‘mutual friend’ and later revealed himself to be the thought dead heir to the abundance of wealth and his father’s business.
I particularly enjoyed the surprising twists and turns this story offered throughout the complicated plot. Though often difficult to follow, these surprises made for a wonderful reading experience that I hope to come across again. But though enjoyed the frequent plot twists, I was often left confused and floundering. In my opinion, a good book is one that makes you think, but only enough so you can continue to read as you think. With this book I had to frequently stop and reread a section several times to make sure I understood it properly.
Charles Dickens has a very original and unique style of writing. His descriptions could go on for pages with seemingly no end. The imagery in this story was simply astounded, and often times left me in awe. But just as his imagery was amazing, so was the style in which Dickens’ wrote. He organized his chapters so that everything was sequentially laid out. Cause and affect guided by the introduction and interaction of prominent characters.
I believe that readers with a more refined vocabulary and an abundance of patients would enjoy this book very much. It is at times hard to read, but when you finish you feel like you have truly accomplished something. The story ties itself up well and gives you a sense of satisfaction. If you are one who enjoys happy, mushy, gooey endings this is not a good book for you. Finishing this book is a long term goal and not something you could do in a night.
If anyone does decide to read this book as I have, I wish them luck. Sometimes the best reads are the hardest reads, but in the end it is always worth it. Use the time while you have it.

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  1. laurencooper503

    Good job for choosing such a challenging book and sticking with it! (I also attempted to read a book by the same author,but I gave up and I wish I didn’t.)

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