The House Of The Scorpion Review (7/10)

The House Of The Scorpion Review

Walt O’Connor

            The House of the Scorpion is a book set about half a century in the future in a country called Opium, which lies between America and what once was Mexico. The book tracks the life of Matteo Alacran, who is the clone of the incredibly wealthy and powerful leader of Opium. After about 15 years of living in opium, Matt learns that he was the 9th clone that was just kept around to provide replacement organs to the 150-year-old leader. Matt escapes before having his organs harvested and has to find a new life in Aztlan, the communist nation that replaced Mexico.


Score: 7/10


            This book to me felt like just another generic dystopian future novel that is flooding the market after “The Hunger Games” was released, it had some good and unique parts, but the ending of the book which logically made little sense to me and somewhat ruined all the good parts. Evens so this book is not too bad of a read, and I felt it was worth my time. This book is more geared towards middle school students but is a good read if you enjoyed other books following the dystopian future model such as the Hunger Games.

Walt O’Connor



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