The Moonflower Vine by Jetta Carleton (Rate: 9/10)

In The Moonflower Vine, by Jetta Carleton, a family learns to grow together, mature, and find their own individual lifestyle while living in a small town in Missouri. Everyone disappoints each other and may make the wrong choices. Through these tragedies the family learns to thrive and their bond grows stronger. On a scale of 1-10, The Moonflower Vine is rated a solid 9. This score is because of the interesting story, amazing development of character, and surprising plot. There is plenty of detail and the book is not complex but simple. This makes the story better because it is not weighed down by challenging vocabulary words. Each chapter is about a particular character. Within each chapter are smaller chapter’s, and the book is divided up equally between character’s. By uncovering a single character’s story, the reader discovers the entire story as a whole and everything connects together. The author uses similes and metaphors sparingly, but the few recognizable ones sparked interest. Imagery was used creatively, and throughout the book I could imagine exactly what was going on. Only one character had a chapter in first person and the rest were in third person. Symbolism is also strong in the novel. If you like a book with surprising twists about love, family, and betrayal, then this novel is perfect for you. Everyone will find something to like and appreciate about this novel. It is described as a rediscovered classic that everyone should read.

-Samantha S A2

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