“War and Peace” -Leo Tolstoy

“War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy

Daniel Kim A2

Recommended Audience: 16+

             Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace beautifully harmonized the melodies of the war that takes place in both the battlefield and in the hearts of citizens in the home front. The novel is composed of the troubles and philosophies of the Russian society in time of Napoleon’s Reign. Bound by the austere sincerity of war, the characters of the novel center on a common melancholy tone. Despite the disparity that war brought on, the characters still found intent to carry forth in their lives and treat the war as only a minor obstacle. The characters show very individual personalities that make this novel come to life. The troubles of the characters are explicitly developed and solved. Tolstoy wrote about characters on a wide spectrum of social classes, covering the entire Russian society in the time of Napoleon’s reign. I received detailed notes and portraits of rich counts, tsars, and emperors while still maintaining the basic thoughts and feelings of peasants and servants. Perspective in all of the classes enables us to view the great tsars and emperors not only from their thoughts but from the society as well.

            I rate this book a 10/10 due to its complexity in plot and character development. Although this book was a fairly difficult read, it is very philosophically rewarding for those who stick with the novel. Tolstoy uses many literary devices and thematic topics to convey information and concepts. The author’s use of controlling metaphors is well known. The controlling metaphors address illusions and misconceptions we make, such as archetypical beliefs. Although many may read this novel and only graze the surface of the author’s insightful depth, the treasure of beautiful literature lies inside the novel for those who seek out to find it.


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