“The Hobbit” By J.R.R. Tolkien

The Hobbit – A Review

By Donald R

Book By JRR Tolkien

The Hobbit is a very amusing and well-crafted read. It’s many sub-plots, characters, and adventures keep one on edge and rearing for more. Tolkien greatly enhances the story by creating a whole world, described in vivid detail, for one to picture in the mind. This allows The Hobbit, along with Tolkien’s other works, to seem all the more realistic and engaging.

The story starts one morning in The Shire, or the land of the hobbits, (hobbits being small, rather plump, and cheery creatures.) Bilbo Baggins, the story’s celebrated protagonist and burglar, is peacefully smoking his pipe outside of his hobbit hole, ( or underground dwelling for a Hobbit.) Little does he know that practically every hobbit’s nightmare is approaching him, Adventure!!! Bilbo is soon forced out into the wild with 13 dwarves, and occasionally Gandalf the Grey, a wizard. They soon are battling goblins, climbing steep mountain passes, and evenmeeting a couple of trolls.

The characters in the book are many and well-developed. The main protagonist, Bilbo the hobbit, is not exactly the person you would pick to go with you on a dangerous adventure.

Whether he redeems himself, you will see. The other major characters in the book are the thirteen dwarves, seeking the gold they lost to the dragon Smaug, and Gandalf, the very wise wizard who saves all of them more then just a few times.

The Hobbit is truly a great story, and has been read and celebrated for many, many years. I would recommend this book to anyone able to handle some goblins in dark tunnels.

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