Pattern Recognition by William Gibson

Pattern Recognition revolves around Cayce Pollard, who has the special ability to tell if logos will be successful. Along with her ability, though, Cayce also has a phobia to certain name brands that causes her to experience a panic attack. The story begins when Cayce is hired by her employer to discover the creator of mysterious and unknown video clips. Cayce is already a huge fan of the clips, as shown by her membership to a forum about the footage, so she accepts, under the conditions that the magic of the clips will not be destroyed. Throughout the course of her journey, Cayce encounters dangers and surprises she would have never expected in this era of new age technology.
In my opinion, I rate this book a 9 out of 10. The reason I score so highly is because of the overall interest invoked by the book. The whole entire genre this book sits in is untouched; it is considered postmodern, science fiction, and has the plot of a thriller. The only reason I deducted a point is because the beginning of the book has a bit of a slow pick-up. Some things that make this book particularly unique are its somber tone and unique references to the unbeknownst item collection sub cultures. Also William Gibson’s ability to coin seemingly perfect terms such as “mirror world” make the book all the better. Overall I would recommend this book to anybody who enjoys science fiction and solving puzzles, you will not be disappointed.


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